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Not For Profit WEb Hosting Services

What is a Web Hosting Cooperative?

It an alternative to commercial sites who charge exorbitant service fees.
We offer shoe-string budget organisations and Non-Profit Organisations an affordable Web & Email portal to the Internet!
To help our members, we offer yearly blocks of server space and bandwidth.
This is the Nightwalker Project.
We lease blocks of bandwidth and cooperatively share it and the cost between groups, retaining a small margin for operating expenses.
Inexpensive Web Hosting?
What’s the deal? Simple really.
Commercial Web hosting can cost too much money for Non-Profit’s. Members of this cooperative have low bandwidth needs and shoe-string budgets.
Thus we have banded together to survive!.
What does it Cost?
All our members pay a one-time, yearly membership fee of $45 per year.
What do I get for my money?
You get 1Gb of hosting space, 100 email addresses (pop3) & 1500 meg traffic (Bandwidth).
The only extra is bandwidth – if your site becomes wildly popular. Bandwidth is a reasonable cost, and we can quote you a cheap price for that!
You don’t have to be a Web Guru, either. Most of our members are non-for-profit organisations, with little or no web design experience.
Our goal is to offer low-cost services and instruction to help you grow.
Why not give it a go?

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