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About Nightwalkerbiz

Behind Nightwalkerbiz Internet, is a not-for profit organisation, with a group of experienced professionals with well over 30 years experience in Computer security, Web/Email Hosting, electronics, computing, computer repairs, server design, networking and forensic computing, telecommunications, criminal justice, criminology, criminal profiling, cyber security experts, divinity & ministries.
Values: foundation for our business Nightwalkerbiz is a community based non-profit organisation, for the advancement of it’s sponsors & community based non-profit groups.
Approach: atmosphere for our business Nightwalker began in 1993 as a small partnership and has now grown to a multi-company non-profit organisation that can offer many services Australia wide and has overseas partnerships in many other ventures.
We care about our clients sites and well-being of their business and security of the network they reside on.
Nightwalkerbiz has over 270 main line Web servers & numerous other servers used for special requirements & 100 VPN servers Worldwide, combined with 144000 IP addresses, located around the world, our servers are located in the following cities:
South Bend Indiana, Fulshear Texas, Dallas Texas, Lenoir North Carolina, Schertz Texas, Parsippany New Jersey, Atlanta Georgia, Scranton Pennsylvania, Docklands London, Qala Singapore, Sydney Australia, Melbourne Australia, Mountain View California, Orlando Florida, Roubaix France, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Chicago.
Expertise: core ability in our business Our experts are accomplished electronic technicians, technical computer technicians, computer forensic technicians, web design masters, advanced network administrators, certified Linux specialist’s, cyber security experts.
Behind The Scenes: The core ability of our business and the power behind it.
Ever wondered what it looks like inside a full blown ISP (Internet service provider) or an ICP ( Internet content provider, such as Nightwalkerbiz) ?
Not many will let you peek inside, but at Nightwalkerbiz we let you see inside our network, inside the covert operations of THE GATEKEEPER INDUSTRIES, which runs our entire operations.
Just click the link below to view our servers.
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